Pole Dancing Classes For A Stronger Mind and Body

By | October 26, 2017

Pole dancing is, by definition, a performance art. Performers use the pole to perform various dance moves, and the pole often extends from floor to ceiling. An individual can climb, swing, and spin about the pole to various effects. From a fitness perspective, none of these things change, but certain actions become the focus. Classes will see participants performing various maneuvers in repetition to train their cores, increase stamina, and improve flexibility. This form of dancing for exercise is a challenging and rewarding endeavor.

Taking Classes to Get Started

Interested individuals should start with classes. An instructor-led approach to this form of dancing makes sense in the beginning. Otherwise, trying these exercises at home without practice can lead to injuries. Classes are offered at gyms and fitness studios across the country. Instructors guide participants through the basics of dancing with simple moves at first. After practicing for a session or two, participants are then taught more advanced and physically demanding exercises.

This type of dancing is one of the most physically and mentally demanding workouts. A person should have enough strength to hold and maintain their body for an extended period of time. Likewise, a strong focus is necessary to succeed because a lapse in focus causes falls and other injuries. Men and women should be in good health before starting a pole dancing class or routine. Their bodies should be strong, but being a bodybuilder or marathon runner isn’t a prerequisite to dance. For the basics, anyone can succeed and improve over time with practice.

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