5 Simple Pole Dancing Techniques for Beginners

By | October 26, 2017

To master any pole dancing skill, you have to use correct form and knowing what to do as well as what to avoid so that you do not embarrass or injure yourself. For instance, you do not want to get upside down if you do not know how to dismount properly, kick while trying to invert or throw yourself too hard into a spin. Warming up before performing or practicing any technique should also be a part of your routine. Safety should be your number one priority when learning pole dancing.
Below is a list of a few basic moves for beginners who want to become better at dancing on the pole. As you improve, you can move on to advanced techniques, and even learn to integrate your own style into the routines.

Hold the pole with your inside arm and start to walk forward around the pole. Use your outside leg to gain momentum so that you can swing and hook your inside arm around the front of the pole. Bring your outside arm to the pole as the inside leg leaves the floor. Cross your legs at the ankles then slide down the pole.

Begin by hooking your inside leg high up around the pole. Next, hold the pole using both arms and gradually lean towards the pole then pick up your outside leg such that you are pulling it in ready to spin. During this spin, your body will be slightly horizontal.

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