Off The Beaten Path: The Republic of Moldova

By | October 26, 2017

The wine industry in Moldova is one that has been revered as an industry leader around the world and is often compared to the wines of France. This is by far and away one of the most important trades that nearly every Moldovan holds near and dear to their heart. From homemade wines in the countryside to the industrialized vineyards of Cricova, Moldovans are passionate about their wines and the care that goes into producing them. Also, since the times of the Soviet rule, their wines have been a luxury item throughout much of Eastern Europe and Russia and if you ask a Russian today about Moldovan wine, you will be able to easily find the name Cricova or Et Cetera rolling off their tongue.

In Moldova, there are many unique cultural aspects that you will be able to see that not many countries are able to offer. Since Moldova is situated squarely between Romania and Ukraine, it has provided a unique landscape for two different cultures to mesh and merge around. From the traditional Moldovan dances such as the “hora” to the Ukrainian and Russian dishes such as borscht, immersing in the culture of Moldova is one of the easiest things to do while you are off the beaten path.

The food from Moldova is vast and plentiful. Taking the tastes from all of the countries that have impacted Moldova over the years, the Moldovan cuisine is unique because not only does it have the traditional Russian tastes of peasant, but also from Romanian peasant food as well. Do not let the word peasant food fool you because these foods, like mamaliga and placinta, are delicacies in their own right because of their rich and full of flavor. Remember, if you do visit Moldova, a visit is not complete without an ample helping of mamaliga.

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