Portfolio Careers: Why a Career of Multiple Part-Time Jobs Is Ideal in Today’s Job Market

By | October 26, 2017

Considering the current state of the economy, portfolio careers seem to be the ideal type of career as it offers an alternative way out for many. This is especially true for the young graduates who are currently struggling to find a job given the limited opportunities available. Since no job can promise a stable career future, getting part-time work even as a starting point can make their entry into the job market a lot easier.

Despite the fact that the concept of managing a number of part-time jobs wasn’t that prestigious in the past, it was first developed by Charles Handy in the 1990s. The Irish management philosopher had foreseen that workers would be more actively in control of their careers as ‘portfolio workers’ having many small jobs instead of one big one.

As such, it gradually started to gain prominence amongst the younger generation today. Here are some the reasons why portfolio careers are becoming the no. 1 work trend:

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