Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Others

By | October 28, 2017

When you rely on yourself you’re in control of your life, you’re future depends on you, and the path you take through life is yours to choose… But when you rely on others you become dependent on them, and are forced to blindly walk the path they put you on.

We all have goals in life, things we want to see and experience and accomplish, but the only ones responsible for achieving these goals are ourselves… if we rely on others to push us towards these goals we might find this reliance has instead been holding us back.

This is easy to understand but more difficult in practice. Too often we put our lives in the hands of others maybe without even realizing it. Whether it’s our boss, or significant other, our religion, our government, or even just relying on the thoughts and opinions of others, we look to others to make us complete when really we just need to rely on ourselves.

Some dangers of relying on others

If you rely on your job as your only source of income, what happens if you lose it? If you look to others to help you make decisions what if you a forced to make a difficult one by yourself? If you rely solely on your spouse to make you feel happy and fulfilled what happens if they decide to leave you?

Besides the fact that the things or people you rely on might not be there for you one day, even if they remain in your life your reliance on them still limits what you can receive. Again if you rely solely on your job for money you’re limited by the income it provides you, if you rely on the opinions of others you’re limited by their perspectives and if you rely solely on your spouse for love and happiness, you’re limited by what they can give you.

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