Trap of Contemporary Values?

By | October 28, 2017

Are you in any danger of falling into a trap? There is a risk that commonly held fallacies that exist beneath the surface of the mass media will trap our minds. Could any worldly illusions trap and bind you into an unhealthy state of mind? One from which you might wish to escape?

The mass media frequently exposes us to viewpoints that reflect contemporary values of society to do with for example consumerism, celebrity, work, and sex.

It is easy to unthinkingly fall in line with these images and sentiments. They convey messages about what one must do, should believe, and need to have. You may have a sense there is something missing in such views. They imply having possessions, being well known, attractive, or successful are all important.

Trap of consumerism
Advertising often works by stimulating desire where none was there before – for smarter clothes, the latest electronic goods, impressive cars, and exotic holidays.

“It takes seconds to make a purchasing decision, and dopamine (the feel good neurochemical) rises in the presence of shiny new objects. Emotions rule, the credit card is swiped, dopamine recedes and buyer’s remorse sets in.” (Emily Worden small business

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