Hip Hop Dance

By | October 28, 2017

and hip hop music since the late 1970s. There are many styles of dance that fall under this umbrella: break dancing, popping and locking, perreo (reggaetone dancing), jerkin’, tecktonik, and krumping are the more popular styles. Though each has its own style and moves, there are many overarching philosophies in hip hop dancing.

All styles embrace improvisation. Though you can choreograph a hip hop dance, it is rare that it would not include at least one improvised section. When new styles like the “running man” broke onto the scene, the entertainment industry responded with jazz funk, a style entirely choreographed that could be taught to children and used in music videos. In all these styles, the body makes much larger movements than in other, older forms of dance.

Tecktonik is the newest style. It came out of France just a few years ago and is still being perfected on the streets and in the clubs. Tecktonik borrows greatly from popping and breaking but is creating its own dance moves, as well. In America, popping and locking are popular as a combined form, though when invented they were two battling styles. With the youth in North, Central, and South America, perreo (booty dancing) and daggering are gaining popularity much to the chagrin of the parental population. The dances focus on emulating various sexual positions (perreo translating to doggy style).

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