5 Sure Ways to Leave a Lasting Impression at Dance Auditions

By | October 28, 2017

Any time you attend a dance audition there will be other people, other dancers who will also be auditioning for the same part as you whether you see the other dancers or not. It’s all about leaving a lasting impression on the judge’s minds, if you don’t leave a lasting impression you won’t get the part.

So how do you create a lasting impression so the judges can’t get you out of their heads? Here’s what you need to do:

Dance like nobody’s watching. For the majority of parts your performance has to have the air that nobody’s watching. This is all about confidence and feeling free to express yourself, especially if it’s an individual audition where they call you in one by one.

You need to give a performance, not just dance. If you don’t give them a performance they won’t remember you. If they don’t remember you, you won’t get picked. Even though you should dance like nobody’s watching, you do still want to make eye contact with the judges as you perform. They’ll feel a lot more involved in the performance.

Don’t be afraid to make small talk at the audition. Quick witted people who can make a joke just at the right moment are usually memorable. Your personality and display of it can make a lasting impression.

Your personality shows from the moment you walk into the audition room. That means walking in with confidence, even if it’s a quiet confidence and then performing confidently.

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