Premature Ejaculation Prevention

By | October 29, 2017

Here’s an easy way to stop from ejaculating too quickly during sex. This is an easy to apply mind technique that can have you lasting much longer than usual. Premature ejaculation prevention by counting backwards:

Guys feel quick ejaculation come on at different times during sex. For some it can be very early on, and yet others can last for a bit, but then start to feel the sensation come on. Whenever you begin to sense that ejaculation is coming, you want to begin to employ this method.

First, pick a high number in the hundreds for your backward count (for instance you can start with 100 for your backwards count, and when you get more used to this technique try starting with 300).

Next, as soon as you sense ejaculation and over excitement coming on, start counting (backwards). What this does for premature ejaculation prevention, is focuses your mind on the counting rather than the sexual excitement taking place. This focus allows you to last much longer than usual.

Keep a steady backward counting pace. Don’t try to rush through the numbers, but rather focus on each number. This prevents you from losing count or for confusion to set in and getting your numbers jumbled up.

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