Find Out How You Can Become the Best Ex-Lover She Has EVER Had!

By | October 29, 2017

Most men either do not understand the attributes of a lover or just don’t care about being one. Such men have unsatisfied partners or are left with none. If you take efforts you can become the best lover your girl ever had and she will not only stay loyal to you but will also brag about prowess and make you famous.

Here are four tips that will make you the best lover your girl ever had.

When a woman is turned on, it is not only her body that wants sex but her mind too is demanding and craving for it. Unlike men girls need physical and mental stimulation to get excited. Before you try to turn on her brain you need to make sure that she is comfortable in your company and does not mind discussing sex with you. Tell her all your naughty plans and let her imagination take over from there. She will now be waiting for you to turn all you said into reality.

Unlike men girls can have more than one orgasm in one sex session. You will need to orgasm last and you better keep this in mind. Give her oral pleasure after undressing her by playing with her body gently. Do not hesitate to use your tongue for things other than whispering. She will be mighty pleased about it.

Much like kissing, performing perfect cunnilingus is an art. First gently rub her love button or clitoris after parting her vaginal lips. Use your finger for a while and then start using your tongue to flicker her clitoris. Soon her clitoris will get erect as blood starts to rush there. Her vaginal lips will also swell. Insert your fingers in her vagina and locate her g spot and pleasure her with your fingers.

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