A Fishy Smelling Vagina, and More

By | October 29, 2017

What could be the cause of fishy smell vagina? Is it because you’ve had too much sex? The answer is yes, it is. Having sex though very enjoyable can sometimes lead to such a situation. When that happens, it kind of puts a cramp into your sex life. I mean, no partner would want to have sexual relations with you when you have fishy smell vagina now would he?

Having fishy smell vagina could mean that you have a vaginal infection called bacterial vaginosis. This type of infection usually results in a fishy vaginal smell with a thin, watery and grayish white discharge. This fishy smell is more evident after sex.

But why does having too much sex cause you to have fishy smell vagina? Well the kind of “too much sex” I’m talking about is when you’re having multiple sexual partners. People with multiple sex partners are more at risk of bacterial vaginosis than people with single partners. This is because it has an increased likelihood of having unprotected sex and exposing the body to sexually transmitted diseases.

When you have such smells, it could cause a lowering in your sex appeal. No guy would want to get intimate with you making you sex life suffer. The best way to get yourself out of this dilemma is by seeing a doctor and telling him about your problem. Do not be ashamed to tell the truth so that your doctor may be able to get a more accurate diagnosis of your condition. With this correct diagnosis, proper treatment can be given to you and your infection could be over in just a week.

It may be hard to abstain from sex once sexually active. The best thing to do is at least stick to one partner when you have sex. It does not matter how many sexual encounters you’ve had. As the saying goes, “Quality not quantity”. So enjoy you sex life but just make sure you practice safe sex. This way fishy smell vagina will become a thing of the past.

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