Complications of Frenulum Breve

By | October 29, 2017

For most men and women, the act of sexual intercourse is an enjoyable occasion like no other. However, a significant number of individuals will experience dyspareunia in their lifetime. Dyspareunia – a fancy word for painful intercourse – refers to pain that occurs just before, during or after sex and is persistent, meaning that it happens every time. There are many factors that can lead to dyspareunia in men, but one particular cause is found in as many as 50% of patients presenting with dyspareunia; and that is a condition known as frenulum breve.

Thankfully, there are effective treatments available for most causes of dyspareunia, including frenulum breve, and in most cases, painful sex is not a life long issue. A quick trip to the urologist may very well turn up an easy solution, and often, a tweak in the routine can restore penis health and eliminate painful sex – which is sure to be a relief for any man.

To understand what frenulum breve is, one must first understand what and where the frenulum is. The frenulum is the little elastic band of tissue that forms a “V” shape under the head of the penis and connects the foreskin to the vernal mucosa; it allows the foreskin to retract and contract over the head of the penis. In the case of sex, the goal is for the glans, or head of the penis, to be fully exposed via retraction of the foreskin. A frenulum breve occurs when a shortened frenulum restricts the movement of the foreskin, causing it to not fully retract when erect. In some cases, the frenulum also pulls the head of the penis downwards when retraction begins.

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