How Many Items Should Be PAT Tested in a Day?

By | October 29, 2017

This is the million dollar question amongst PAT testers; you’ll hear many different answers dependent on who is asking the question, who is answering it, and whether a customer is being told the answer or another company.

I have heard some companies saying “if you can’t PAT test 500 items in a day then you’re no good to us” when seeking contractors to PAT test for them, and I’ve heard company directors saying “if my staff test more than 200 items in one day, I’d be asking them what they have skipped”

With PAT Testing it is common to have a ‘price per item’ which makes the job almost “peace rate”, this shouldn’t make any difference but with some companies that charge so little this can mean rushing the work and cutting corners to make as much money as possible.

How long is a working day? Generally 8 hours, with breaks.. many clients expect a PAT tester to work much longer than that and sometimes the PAT tester will to get a job done in 1 day rather than 2. There are many times I have worked a 10-12 hour day to save going back to a site on a second day.

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