My Wife Can’t Stand Me – Exactly What to Do TODAY If You’re In This Horrible Spot In Your Marriage!

By | October 29, 2017

One of the things that happens much too often when a husband begins to feel like their wife can’t stand them, or doesn’t love them anymore…is to panic.

Along with this panic they usually do something that’s well…exactly WRONG!

You see, when you have this thought, or are even told by your wife that she can’t stand you, or that being around you makes her sick, or any of the terrible things a wife can say to hurt your feelings in a fit of anger or during a time of indifference…you suddenly feel the need to try and change her mind.

You’ll do that by trying to talk sense into her. You’ll tell her how much you love her. You’ll tell her how much it hurts to hear that. You’ll give her a list of all the great things that you do for her.

Another thing you might do instead of that…and which I’m guilty of…is you’ll get mad. You’ll get mad because you feel you’ve been hurt unjustly. So you’ll start to yell and scream, maybe call names, and say how much you hate HER! You’ll tell her you can’t stand her either. Blah, blah, blah…a bunch of stuff you’ll just feel horrible about later!

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