Take Belly Dancing Classes

By | October 30, 2017

Many women take belly dancing classes for many different reasons. Some of these reasons are personal and some are public. Among those who attend church there is that question of “Is it okay to take belly dancing lessons?” Religious beliefs may or may not interfere with taking lessons.

Religious Beliefs

There are different beliefs or rules with different denominations. Playing cards, social dancing, covering your hair, wearing makeup, dress codes, are a few of these restrictions. If personal and religious beliefs are in conflict with taking dance then do not participate.

If the church you attend sees dancing as a sin, then any dance art will be taboo and you will be led to believe that you are sinning against a superior being. If a church ritual says you must fast for 3 days, water only; then do not eat. It is your personal choice to follow the teachings of your chosen church or not.

There are church goers who participate in square dancing, folk dancing, line dancing, waltz and tango, and many other forms of dance. The same can be said of belly dancing; folkloric and ethnic costume styles cover the body from head to toe.

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