Despite the Economic Gloom – The Key is Finding Cheap Accommodation

By | October 17, 2017

The economy across the western world is in tatters yet you still want to go on holiday. Nothing wrong with that but you will have to be a little more inventive in your planning and finding cheap accommodation is a vital part of that planning.

Singles and couples can normally find hostel accommodation at reasonable prices in most large towns and major cities. The old images of hostels as being scruffy and needing you to share rooms are largely a thing of the past. The new-era hostels are more sophisticated and offer all the modern facilities including internet connections.

You can also consider private “homestays” where the owners are happy to rent one or two rooms for a smaller price than the commercial establishments. Traditionally designed for students, homestay hosts accommodate families (and very often business people too). To take advantage of a homestay holiday go to Google where you will find websites from around the globe telling you all about “homestays” and how you will benefit from this type of cheap accommodation..

A trend of recent years has been for house swapping or home exchange. This arrangement is particlarly well suited for families and especially if you have pets. People house swap across the globe for both short and long term periods and for all sorts of reasons. It is even becoming more common to make arrangements for long weekend swaps so you can take your vacation in smaller chunks if that suits you.

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