Grinding on the Dance Floor – How to Do it and is it Ok?

By | October 30, 2017

Dance forms evolve over the years and there is always a type of dance that some find offensive. Remember when Elvis started shaking his hips? In today’s world, the dance form that many find offensive is called “grinding”. This article discusses how to grind and asks the question: Is it ok?

Exeter High School in New Hampshire recently made news as they cancelled the high school dance because of this form of dance called grinding. The principal of the school, Victor Sokus, called off the dance because he wanted to give the community time to discuss dancing rules before the school hosted their high school dance.

So, was Victor Sokus right in cancelling the dance? Well, before we come to a conclusion, let’s look at grinding to determine if it is in fact too offensive or sexually suggestive for high school students.

Grinding is a form of dance in which the participants, usually two but sometimes many more, rub their bodies against one another. Well, you may ask, doesn’t this happen in all dance forms? No, because with grinding the dancers are usually rubbing their genitalia against one another forming what many think is an overly sexual dance.

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