8 Essential Salsa Dance Tips for the Absolute Beginner

By | October 30, 2017

Learning to dance is a wonderful, fun activity that can be spoiled by the sometime confusing and fragmented nature of the Latin dance teaching business. I made a number of mistakes when beginning but luckily have kept going and can now offer readers the benefit of my experience. Here are my 8 Essential Salsa Dance Tips for the Absolute Beginner:

Do a little research first. I launched in and found the closest class. It was Cuban, and the teacher, although a great dancer seemed a bit weary of teaching and certainly hadn’t studied how people learn. Choose the style (Cuban, LA Cross Body, New York Cross Body, Colombian) you want to begin with and find the closest classes in that style. Then;

Check out the teaching! We all have different styles of learning and Salsa dancing is quite technical (more so than Ceroc for example). You will need a good teacher when you are starting out and ideally a progressive course structure. Too many teachers give you a great new sequence each week that bears no relevance to the one before, thereby not building on or reinforcing core skills. If they don’t let you watch a class or offer a free taster, you have to ask yourself why. You must feel that the teaching suits your learning.

Find a class with social dancing afterward. When you start out, reinforcing each new salsa move on the dance floor, rather than in the classroom, is important – the context is so different. You will have your co-students to practice with and you can repeat salsa steps until you have them in your muscles.

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