October Is National Roller Skating Month

By | October 30, 2017

October has been National Roller Skating Month since 1983 when President Ronald Reagan declared this month to remind families of the benefits of this fun past time.

While some may have forgotten about this sport, its important to raise awareness about its safe physical and social perks for people of all ages and to remind folks that fun activities are right around the corner at their local roller skating rink.

In a time where computers, video games, smart phones and TV monopolize time for most children and adults, as skaters we can show people how they can get more physical activity and work toward a healthy lifestyle by adding roller sports into their regular activity mix. Studies show that inline and roller skating is equivalent to jogging in calories burned and fat reduction, and its easier on the joints!

As Summer comes to an end, outdoor skaters can take advantage of this month to make a transition to indoor skating for the Winter months. And for those who live in year-round outdoor skating temperatures, don’t forget to think of your local skating facility during rainy seasons and heat waves. There is always a safe climate controlled rink not far away!

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