The Top Ten Mistakes Made By Private Home Sellers

By | October 31, 2017

Everybody wants the best price for their property. However, what you think your property is worth and what people will be prepared to pay can often be two very different things. It is vitally important that you research similar properties in the area and make sure that you get your price right. Sites such as houseprices and rightmove will help you to see what other properties are marketed at and what they have sold for. Some sellers like to think that if they price their property higher, they will generate offers and gauge the maximum price someone would pay. However, if your property is over-priced, you simply want get anybody through the door and you won’t get any offers whatsoever. The best strategy is to market at a realistic price from the word go.

During a viewing, it is very off putting for the potential buyer if the owner is constantly talking at them. Let your viewer know that you are happy to answer any questions they may have and make sure that they feel comfortable in doing so. The majority of viewers don’t want to know when you last painted the ceiling, had the loft insulated or decorated the front room and if they did, they would ask. I have often witnessed an over enthusiastic seller completely throw away any chances of making a sale because they seemed desperate and didn’t let the viewers just look in their own time without any interruptions.

There are certain questions that you are likely to get asked and the more prepared you are, the better the chances are that you can address the question there and then. It is a good idea to know which boundaries are yours and where they lie and what council tax band you are in. Sometimes, particularly first time buyers, may be interested to know the cost of your utilities (gas, water, electric) so have your most recent bills handy to show them. Be prepared for questions such as “what is the area like” and make sure you have an excellent pre-prepared answer to any issues or questions that you think may arise.

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