What Is Cameltoe and What Is Its Significance To Male Sexual Pleasure?

By | October 31, 2017

It is most apparent when a woman is wearing tight-fitting clothing and more especially apparent if her pubic region is shaved; as the presence of pubic hair can help obscure the outline that is known as “cameltoe.” When tight underwear or swimsuits are worn it can also be readily apparent, especially if water is applied to this form of clothing.

This bilateral puffiness in a woman’s genital region is termed “camel toe,” as its appearance is not unlike that of a camel’s toes. Fancy that. It’s certainly not a very endearing term for a woman’s private parts in appearance and the parallel with a camel can conjure up some very strange thoughts, that’s for sure.

This bilateral puffed region is formed due to the prominence of the labia majora. A woman’s vula contains two pairs of “labia” or lips. The inner lips, that are hairless, are called the labia minora, while the outer and typically hair-dotted lips are called the labia majora. They are paired and usually, but not always, of similar shape and size.

The presence of a distinguished (more visible) “camel-toe” is directly related to the amount of fat deposition in this area. That is, the more fat that is deposited in the labia majora is directly related to their prominence. This is because these lips are filled with fat.

As women age, the fat deposition in these “lips” decreases and the “cameltoe” becomes less marked and apparent. This is one factor that can help ascertain the difference between a younger woman and an older woman, if one is trying to gauge their age by just examining their vulva. The younger woman will typically have more-pronounced “majora” and the older woman will have less-pronounced “majora.”

These protuberances are different in all women and vary in size and shape. Some women have more fatty deposition than other women, as health and genetics play a role in their physical make-up.

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