World Prelaunch 2011 Review

By | October 31, 2017

If you Google “World Pre-Launch 2011” you really won’t be very much wiser once you get the results. It is almost as if everyone has been sworn to silence and threatened with death if they dare to impart even the tiniest snippet of information. What I can tell you is that this bizarre promotion is the brainchild of a company called JR Venture Invest which is based in the USA and is itself shrouded in mystery. It appears to be a private joint venture company that has invested in Europe and Canada and that they are also the sole shareholder of Payhumax, which is a highly successful pre-paid credit card company.

When you watch the World Prelaunch 2011 video you expect that all will be revealed, but oh no. All the video does is to say that this will change your life for the better. A visit to the website gives nothing away, except that it invites you to join for free simply by entering your personal details.

The fact that it also goes on to say that members will learn how to successfully build a downline and learn from experienced mlm marketers only leads me to suspect that this is a downline builder for a multi level marketing opportunity, although I have no idea what the product or service is. Another clue is perhaps in the title, with “World” indicating that this venture is going to be global and massive.

The fact that JR Venture have the connection with Payhumax lends some credibility to whatever opportunity they are about to launch and so I guess there really is nothing to lose by expressing an interest in it. It can be beneficial in any mlm business to enter at the grass roots and this is definitely what this is all about. Hopefully once the World Prelaunch 2011 has taken place things will become much clearer. Just remember, all mlm opportunities require marketing skills in order to sell and recruit new members and leadership skills to build and motivate your team. So, if I were you, I would start brushing up on those skills before you have to decide whether you’re in or not.

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