Learning to Dance in the Rain

By | October 31, 2017

A few years ago I noticed a pattern in my life, repeated at various critical moments in my history. It always followed the same story line. As a result of hard work I was offered an opportunity that had the potential to accelerate my personal growth or career. In some cases, where I perceived the challenge to be within my immediate reach, I accepted. But wherever I held the belief that I was not or might not be up to it, I reasoned I would be better off where I was. In doing so, I was always able to provide a rationalisation that masked the real reason – I didn’t trust that I could, even though others saw my potential.

Looking back, I see wherever I took the challenge I rose to it and achieved a new level of understanding of who I was, what I had to contribute and where the next chance to grow lay. Where I rationalised that the opportunity was not right for me, I have a lasting sense of lost possibility and, on occasion, find myself wondering “what if”.


Sometimes it feels like a leap of faith to trust yourself, to let go of the need for certainty. But that is where the true adventure and success in life hides – within the folds of the unknown, only revealed as the path straightens to support your next step.

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