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By | October 31, 2017

Only a couple of weeks now and for the majority of children it is ‘Back to School’. For most children this is an exciting prospect and for me the thrill of a new pencil case was almost too much as a child! However, for a number of children it is a daunting and anxious time. I was fortunate – on the first day of ‘big school’ an assembly was held to welcome us all and offer the choice of several after school clubs. These varied from chess club to football, from knitting to drama. However, one in particular caught my attention immediately – DANCE!

It would only be as an adult that I recognised the significance and value of attending such a varied and worthwhile activity.

As children we all have a natural sense of rhythm and instinctively know how to move our bodies in time to music. It makes perfect sense that we should nurture this gift at an early age as to do so provides so many benefits in other aspects of our lives.

We all know the importance of keeping fit and a healthy lifestyle. Dance is a great form of exercise, and when reinforced at school with other key topics such as human biology and healthy eating, children learn how to be healthy, and more importantly want to remain healthy. Of course a healthy and active child makes for a great student. It has been proven that exercise increases energy levels and a child’s concentration span. This is a welcome addition for all teachers and can aid the childs studies in literacy and numeracy or with perhaps some of their ‘weaker’ subjects.

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