Dance Pole Fitness

By | November 1, 2017

I was once new to the dance pole and after 4 years I would like to say I have some pretty good experience. I see newbies make the same two mistakes over and over. If you can bypass these two no no’s your pole will take your self confidence and your fitness level to places you haven’t imagined.

Pole Dancing will increase your fitness level more than you can imagine I know this through firsthand experience. Most women need to work on upper body strength and a lot don’t want to use weights. With the pole you use your own body weight and tension and it creates those long, toned, lean muscles that so many women seek in their arms.

Use Your Core and watch the magic happen. There are so many people out there who forget that the abdominal muscles are the source of our core strength for just about everything. Be really aware when using the pole that you are stabilizing yourself and moving from your core muscles. If you really isolate them you will see results in about three weeks.

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