Five Famous ‘Punjabi Dishes’

By | November 1, 2017

When you talk about Punjab, everything ranging from its ‘saundhi mitti’ to the state’s ‘punjabi mutiyaran’; and from its dance forms – the famous ‘bhangra’ and ‘giddha’ – to its extra-amiable environment; is popular around the world. Well, and now, when we are talking about Punjab, it would be really unfair to miss on the punjabi food.

Probably, none of you would feel surprised. ‘Punjabis’ would be left all incomplete if we do not talk about food, a wide variety of which they love to have at any occasion (ordinary or special). Whether the cuisine is vegetarian or non-vegetarian, they simply are die-hard food-fans. Simple and healthy, yet delicious foods are on their plates. Also, unlike other boroughs using marinades like vinegar or lemon to add taste, the full of life Punjabis use ‘masalas’ for their first choice always includes a spicy cuisine.

Mornings are often incomplete for them if simple or stuffed ‘parathas’ with a bountiful ‘desi ghee’ content are not served. Even afternoon and evening meals are taken with a big role of ghee in them.

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