Make-To-Order Dance Costumes Don’t Have To Be Expensive

By | November 2, 2017

When a child decides that they want to learn to dance, they often imagine themselves performing on stage in front of an admiring audience. Most dance schools put will put on a show at least once every two years, if not every year, in order to give their students the opportunity to do this. In order to get to this stage requires a lot of hard-work and commitment but is extremely rewarding for everybody involved. One of the most memorable things for an audience in addition to the dance routines are the dance costumes.

There is a common myth that effective dance costumes are highly expensive but this doesn’t always have to be the case. Many specialist dancewear retailers are able to offer Nylon Lycra leotards in a wide range of different colours which can be used to represent the moods and themes of your production. Colours can also be highly flexible and the way an audience interprets what they represent can be highly influenced by music. For example, red can be a potent symbol for passion, love and desire, but also fire, blood, war and violence which opens a whole realm of performance opportunities.

Nylon Lycra leotards are available from a wide range of specialist dancewear retailers but if you’re looking for something unique, it’s worth taking a look at make-to-order dancewear. Different retailers are able to offer different levels of customisation which will come at varying costs. Furthermore, there’s no need to limit yourself to leotards as catsuits, unitards, dance tops, dance bottoms, skirts and much more can also be made to order. A high level of customisation such as bespoke leg lengths, frill styles or one off designs can be extremely expensive and often unaffordable for many dance schools. However, some retailers offer a range of dancewear basics on a make-to-order basis in a wide range of specialist fabrics which can provide an excellent base for a dance costume at a very competitive price. Fabrics available include metallic, printed, velour and hologram fabrics which give the dance teacher a much wider choice than simple Nylon Lycra without the need to break the bank.

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