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By | November 2, 2017

Capezio is one of the most popular brands of dance gear. They have been creating well made dance products for over one hundred years. They have created several different lines and outfit both children and adults, and male and female. They are dedicated to creating quality, affordable garments in many styles and colours for all levels of dancers.

Capezio shoes are often the first product new dancers buy from the brand. The company has a reputation for creating shoes that are long lasting and perfect for new dancers. Their styles include ballet, jazz, tap and urban dance shoes. Properly fitted, they offer the right balance of support, stability, and flexibility. They help the new students to correctly learn the steps and movement of each type of dance.

In addition to shoes, dancers have specific outfits for practice and recitals. Capezio has a great line of the classic ballet wear, including leotards in both black and pink. They also carry other styles, so each dancer can choose the leotard that is the most comfortable. Dancers can select short sleeve, thin or thick straps.

There are leotards with boatneck styling and others with scoop necks and multi-strap backs. Some Capezio leotards are camisole styles, while others are crisscrossed and double strapped. These styles come in all kinds of colors too, so each dance can pick the perfect leotard.

Capezio also has a wide variety of quality made dancing tights. This includes basic footed and seamless tights in all kinds of colours, including traditional black and pink. They have footless leggings and convertible tights. And for show time, they have shimmery tights and fishnets in several colours.

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