Trance Charts – How DJs Get Ahead & Stay There

By | November 2, 2017

For any DJ it is important to keep up to date with the latest music releases and charts for whichever style of music they prefer to play. A budding DJ Tiesto falling behind on the latest Trance charts, for example, is likely to prevent them from getting bigger and better gigs as they won’t have the most upfront material.

With so much competition, for a DJ to be successful it takes a lot of time and effort to keep one step ahead of everyone else to create a set that stands out from the crowd and shouts quality and edginess. Keeping up with the latest releases and trends is one step any DJ should seriously consider if they’re looking to establish themselves as a DJ worthy of high class and high profile gigs.

Top DJs are often sent promos and new releases directly by distributors or record labels trying to push their latest material. They want to get the big DJs playing their tracks as the amount of promotion this can give the label as well as the track can be phenomenal.

Because of this, high profile DJs don’t always have to spend too much time hunting around for the latest releases and finding top chart releases as the majority of the new material comes to them, including near exclusive, little-known material from rising producers.

So how does a budding young DJ keep up? Although we see the number of physical high street record stores dwindling away to the success of virtual online stores and MP3 it has become somewhat easier to see trends in what people buy and these charts are often made available on each of the stores websites but knowing where to look isn’t all that obvious.

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