Letter to a Reader

By | November 2, 2017

“There is no smoke without fire.” With what a facility we sometimes run to the flame and warm up our hands, without thinking who and for what purpose fires it. It is marvelous how fast and irresistible gossips, rumors, sleazy jokes spread. Does one grudging person and his followers are responsible for delivering them worldwide? That’s impossible! The guilty ones are usually ourselves. Eager for sensations, eager for shocking news. Devour to satisfy our interest and amaze friend with a new message. We forget to see the deepest essence of our actions. By retelling some, as thought, innocent joke or gossip, we help that grudging person to do his nasty job. And by supporting the scoundrel, we accept the villainy in our souls as well.

We, “innocent” listeners usually don’t measure the essence of the envious person. Today he is able just to hiss, because the ability to bite has been taken away. But another day by hiding behind the fairness mask, he is ready to destroy anyone who will rise anywhere above him, who is smarter, nobler.

Yes, jealousy is a reality. Also in everyone of us. The question is, does it stays as a seed or will it grow and overrun our souls. Where to find the strength, that will stop the way for jealousy?

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