The Pros and Cons of a Morning Wedding

By | November 4, 2017

So much is written about evening weddings that the idea of a morning wedding can be overlooked. Beautiful weddings can take place at any time of day, however – just look at the 11am start time of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding service. These are some of the pros and cons of having a morning wedding.

Pro: Morning weddings are less expensive. There are a number of reasons for this, but the biggest one is the food and drink bill. The meal following an early wedding is usually a luncheon or brunch, which by its very nature will cost less per head than a seated dinner. You are also likely to see huge savings on your bar tab, because people simply drink more at night than they do during daytime hours.

Con: Morning weddings are more sedate. For some brides and grooms, the whole idea of the reception is to have a killer party with dancing until dawn. This is usually fueled by an open bar and a hot d.j. or band. The fact is that most a.m. weddings are not going to have that vibe, because people just don’t get into dancing early in the day.

Pro: Morning weddings end early. If you are not a night owl, or plan to head out on your honeymoon trip early the day after the wedding, you might be very happy to have a reception that ends by the late afternoon. It also allows you plenty of time for a romantic wedding night, which is something than can be compromised when the bride and groom are drinking and dancing into the wee hours following an evening wedding.

Con: Morning weddings start early. This is obvious, of course, but not an insignificant factor. Most brides need to start getting ready many hours before the wedding is to begin, so if you are planning an 11am ceremony, your day might need to start at 6am or earlier. It will depend somewhat on how elaborate your pre-wedding preparations will be; if you plan to slip into a simple dress and a pearl tin cup necklace before exchanging vows in your living room, you might not need so long to get ready. Brides who plan to get their hair and makeup done for a traditional church wedding will definitely need quite a few hours to prepare.

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