Erotic Review: American Swing – A Documentary About Plato’s Retreat

By | November 4, 2017

American Swing is a documentary featuring candid interviews with former club goers, former employees of the club as well as friends (now decades older) of the club owner (Larry Levinson). You’ll also see lots of real-life footage of actual activity that was the norm in the club.

Many of the interviews were extremely candid in one sense but also humorous recollections of their experiences at the club.

Plato’s Retreat got local and national attention from shows such as The Phil Donahue Show. Larry seemed to be enjoying the attention and was on top of the world.

Plato’s Retreat was a secret world brought to the public. It was the talk of the town and it was a popular hot spot for celebrities to visit. Larry’s vision was to commercialize the swingers club to the main stream public by opening clubs in various cities throughout the country.

By the  Americans began to have different views about sex especially with AIDS becoming a concern. The very sad and ridiculous decline of the Plato’s Retreat and it’s owner came crashing to an end. It was the end of an era.

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