Get Ready For The Monsoon

By | November 4, 2017

Monsoons have a personality of their own which is unique and very special. So you feel like going out dancing in the rain, maybe grab bite or two when you’re out with friends, or some fine comfort food as you catch a ball game while at home.

Monsoons bring respite to earth as the soaring temperatures reduce and you suddenly feel more energized than you ever imagined. The time is nostalgic like none other and you cannot but think of the beautiful days gone by or the beautiful times you’ve spent.

Let’s figure out some ways to make the most of the monsoon season.

With the sun no longer beating on the back, you surely wouldn’t mind a mild drizzle as you choose to pack your backpacks and go for the nice trek in the vicinity you once knew of.

If it is a nice and hilly location, it could create absolute magic as you go ahead with the trip with your family or friends. Pack some nice snacks and cherish the simple joys of trekking in the bounty of nature.

One might initially believe that going for football in the rainy season is an idea wicked in its underlying nature, but it is something that needs to be experienced to be understood.

The challenge levels might be a shade higher, but if you find a wet field for a nice game of football, it would have its own unique and unparallel charm.

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