5 Clubs/Bars to Check Out When in Copenhagen

By | November 4, 2017

Meat-town aka. Kodbyen is by day the places for commodity shopping for restaurants or other food related businesses. By night it’s a social hot spot for downtown Copenhagen. There are several cool venues worth checking out in Meat-town such as Karriere bar, or Jolenes for a more hippy approach. It’s a much older crowd ranging from 25-30, the bar prices are average to high and the music seems to be well thought out, compared to other places you might stumble upon in Copenhagen.If you like an older crowd and a different experience then your typical nightclubs, then Meat-town isn’t a bad place to check out.


Heidi’s bier bar has 2 floors. Both floors has a fussball table, they offer a huge range of different beers, so if you’re a beer enthusiast you’ll like this place. The crowd is older, ranging from 24-28 and they have a dancefloor that it quite small but doable. It’s a dim lighted place and the barmaids are all neatly dressed in a german maid outfits. There’s no entrance fee but there is a wardrobe fee of 20kr. I usually just sneak in and drop my jacket at a table with a friend, I’m cheap.

Fullname Karel Van Mander is a night club situated right next to the big Magasin Shopping Center and can be reached by the walking street or from Kongs Nytorv Metro st. Karel boost an awesome looking club with exquisite interior design and probably has the hottest girls in town, scrambling around in the venue. They have an outdoor area which is perfect for the summer time and a good sized dance floor in the middle. The music is mostly house and dance tunes with a mix of popular songs from current times. The age group ranges from 18-25. However the age requirements changes from Thursdays to Saturdays. The bar prices are sadly really high, but if you got money to blow, then you won’t look better doing it anywhere, than here. Karel can boost that they attract the most hottest girls in Copenhagen, so if you’re looking to hook up with a nice little turbo, then look no further than here. There are an abundance of turbos here. The entrance price is around 100dkk, but free wardrobe.

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