Naughty Ways to Seduce a Girl

By | October 17, 2017

Women are always pleasant to our eyes, we love being with them, we love flirting with them – they are always one of the prime things that make a man’s life exciting and to make it more dramatic, something worth living for. Now, we all get to a certain point in our lives when daydreaming and imagining that we’re lucky with women comes to an end – and we want to make everything happen and for real. You have a string urge to say goodbye to your lonely nights and finally spend it more thrill and passion – with women of course. So below are a few naughty ways to seduce a girl and other hot tricks to get her hot for you – it’s time for some real action!

Make eye contact. The eyes are intense – they always are. So the more you make eye contact with someone, the more you create this certain connection between the two of you that makes things more personal. That’s why maintaining eye contact is a very integral part when you’re out flirting with girls. When

Slowly lick your lips. When she’s talking to you (alone of course), slowly and nicely lick or wet your lips – it can be subtle gesture but it sure is going to tease her senses and imagination big time. Women are very keen in reading body language and licking your lips absolutely

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