They Used to Be – Best Knee Brace For Cheerleading

By | November 4, 2017

Gone are the days when cheerleaders just clapped their hands and maybe did the occasional cartwheel. Today’s cheerleaders are performing very elaborate routines including gymnastics tumbling and gravity-defying stunts. For some, cheerleading is just as important as the athletes being cheered on, and many cheerleading teams are more focused on performing competitive routines than just

rooting for their teams. These days, cheerleading is more of a sport in itself, with the participants performing gymnastic and dance routines with plenty of running and jumping. More and more males are becoming involved with cheerleading, and they are often the ones who do the tossing and catching, due to their strength. But you will also find plenty of females doing these same stunts, often displaying great strength, agility and flexibility.

Athletes are not the only people who are at risk for knee injuries. Because cheerleaders are doing moves that involve lots of running, jumping and some pretty hard landings, they risk a number of injuries to their legs, particularly in the knees. Cheerleaders can often be seen wearing knee braces or sleeves, which give them the protection they require, while allowing them a full range of movement, and the ability to remain extremely flexible. In the past, many wore Neoprene knee sleeves, which although they do the trick, are often hot, and therefore can get pretty uncomfortable. Also, many people report having allergies to Neoprene, which makes them unable to wear this type of knee brace. So, do people who do not like wearing Neoprene have any alternatives? They do when they use the DonJoy Elastic Knee Sleeve.

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