Is It Safe to Wash Tights In the Washing Machine?

By | November 4, 2017

If you read the instructions on the pack, then you might think that it isn’t safe to wash tights in the washing machine. But, who always listens to instructions?

Manufacturers suggest that you should hand wash tights in warm (but not hot) water using a mild detergent. Because they’re made of such delicate material it could be unwise to subject them to the rigors of a hot machine wash, complete with spin and rinse cycle. What could be worse than getting your tights out of the washing machine, only for them to be ruined by such harsh washing conditions? Hand washing, they say, is preferable.

But who has the time these days to spend hand washing hosiery? Not only does it take ages to thoroughly rinse out all the soap which the material sucks in like a sponge, but then you’ve got to waste time wringing and re-wringing to get out as much water as possible so they don’t drip everywhere. I’m sure you could be doing far more productive things with your time.

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