Creative Hens’ Night Party Ideas for Adult Fun and Food

By | November 4, 2017

Usually, a Hens’ Night is held on the eve of the bride-to-be’s wedding day, but the hangover may jeopardize her bridal appearance. So, the most opportune time for a raunchy and rowdy celebration is during the weekend before the bride’s Big Day to give her time to detoxify and recover from her Bachelorette Party. During this event, women are the only guests with occasionally one or two male strippers hired to dance for the estrogen-fueled crowd. This bevy of girlfriends must prepare a proper sendoff for their friend through creatively enticing ideas for party food and favors without overspending.

Suckers shaped like Big Johnsons appeal to women who like the sweetness and sensuality of sticking these lollipops in their mouths. However, a more creative way of serving frankfurters is to carve them into little Peter Peckers for the ladies’ amusement. Arrange these sausages on a platter with half a slice of boiled egg on each side of them. As a final touch, squirt a bit of mayonnaise at their tips trailing halfway down and you got yourself a platter of exploding Willies.

If you have the skills and the equipment, then bake a batch of cupcakes with a hidden yogurt-based crème inside in reference to the one-eyed yogurt slinger – one of the euphemisms for the male genitals. Just bake the cupcakes like you normally would, but tweak the recipe near the end. Before the cupcakes completely cooled down and hardened, cut out a small crater in the middle of each piece and squirt a goodly amount of the creamy filling. As an alternative, you may pipe in a clear gelatinous mix in pineapple and lychee flavors.

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