How Collusion Impacts Your Life at Work

By | October 17, 2017

One of the most insidious and destructive workplace (and life, in general) behaviors impacting life at work is collusion. Collusion, as I and my coaching clients work with it, is defined as two people each co-opting their true and real self in order to support their own and the other’s falseness, fakeness and phoniness. One result of colluding is that neither person “shows up” in integrity or authentically.

When colluding, we allow ourself and the other person to run our respective “personality program” – the self-destructive, self-sabotaging and limiting behaviors and beliefs we use in order to gain acceptance, approval, recognition, and control – so we can feel we are emotionally safe. Collusion is like saying (only not out loud), “I’m going to let you behave the way you want or need to so I can feel good about our relationship even though I know my behavior and your behavior are (for example) inappropriate, self-destructive, out of integrity”, etc.

So, in this context, we’re not looking at collusion that one would commonly associate with what we know as “fraud”, but this type of workplace collusion is fraudulent insofar as I am living a lie and supporting another to live his/her lie. It’s “fraud” on a deeper, inner level as it relates to who I am and how I am in my relationship

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