How to Go Down on a Girl and Make Her Climax With Just Your Tongue

By | November 6, 2017

Did you know that most women can only have an orgasm through oral stimulation? This greatly decreases your chances of giving a woman pleasure so you need to make the most of it. You need to be able to make her climax with just your tongue if you can ever expect to give a woman amazing satisfaction sexually.

You need to learn how to go down on a girl. You need to learn how to touch her down there, when to do it and how to do it. You need to know everything about cunnilingus so you can give her something that she will never forget.

First of all, men need to realize that a woman is built much different than compared to a man. Men love rough touches in the bedroom and although your girl likes it when you are a little rough with her during sex, oral sex is a whole different realm. You have to learn how to slow down your touch so you don’t end up hurting her. It is very important that you are gentle with her.

A great way to start going down on a girl is to kiss her down there. A lot of men think that you must only use your tongue to make her climax, but your lips can do the trick as well. Kiss her down there like you would kiss her on her lips. French kissing her clitoris allows her to feel your tongue slightly so she can ease into pleasure. As well, your kisses are very soft and gentle and it is the kind of stimulation that her body is craving.

When you are using your tongue to make her climax, sometimes the tip of your tongue can be more effective than your entire tongue. The tip of your tongue offers her a slight roughness that she will love and you even have more control over the tip of your tongue. You are able to go faster and harder on her, depending upon what she can handle and what she wants.

Some women love it when you flick your tongue against her clitoris. To find out if your girl likes it, you have to be willing to try it. Once you figure out what she likes by her moaning and the squirming of her body, then you can definitely help her to reach climax.

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