The Silent Treatment – How to Attract Woman Without Talking

By | November 6, 2017

Some men move women by the power of their words. They let adjectives rain on their sentences to make a woman fall more and more in love with them. Some men, however, use the mystery in their songs to make a woman admire them and eventually like them. Some men, however, know how to attract a woman by simply not saying anything at all. The power of silence has a new effect on women indeed!

Have you ever wondered how these men get to attract a woman by not talking at all? Are psychological powers involved? Or is it mainly physical? The answer is simple-instead of using their mouths to talk, they use their body language to do the talking for them instead.

If there’s one thing that could make a girl melt, it would be the way a guy looks into her eyes. Eye contact is like looking into a girl’s soul, it’s like trying to find a way to get into her mind and to solve a mystery by not talking at all. It’s like trying to understand what and who she is without the use of explanations. Giving her a strong look can definitely turn her on, but if you stare at her chest or anywhere for that matter, you’ve definitely lost the first round.

Once you’ve captured the eyes of the girl, give her your slightest yet sweetest smile. This will give her the message that you are checking her out and you are definitely interested in her. It’s up to her to return that attraction or not, but while she’s deciding, follow your strong eye contact with smiles.

Now that you’ve given her an idea that you like her, you’ll just have to wait for the signs that she is attracted to you or not. While you’re staring at her, she might stare back and smile. Afterwards, she might turn away, yet manage to look for you and return another eye to eye contact. She might tug on her clothes, breathe heavily, and fix her hair, jewelry or clothes. If she does any of this, then you are on the right track. Just keep that sweet eye to eye contact and smile ready the next time she looks at you. Try to steer your look away sometimes too since this will prompt her to hurry up with her reply before you lose interest in her.

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