How Bad Boys Control Women

By | November 6, 2017

Now bear in mind that not all women are storm troopers and not all men have Jedi mind powers, but enough of each do that it puzzles good men, and the friends of those women, as to why they stay with these guys. What is it about bad boys that allows them to brainwash good women into staying, even when they know they shouldn’t?

Intermittent Reinforcement

The reason this happens is because bad boys are master manipulators who have learned the powerful technique of intermittent reinforcement (IR). You’ve probably heard of positive reinforcement (giving someone something they want when they do something good) and even negative reinforcement (taking something away from someone when they do something bad).

There was a famous psychology experiment that locked a pigeon in a cage with a bar that he could peck on to get food. There were three different situations the pigeon encountered. In the first, the pigeon never got any food when it pecked the bar. Obviously it didn’t take long before it never pecked it again. In the second, the pigeon got food every time it pecked the bar, and it would soon, predictably, only peck it when it got hungry.

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