How to Give Your Woman

By | November 6, 2017

If you do not have the ability to last longer than ten minutes during sex with women, you won’t even come close to getting her to climax. Women, on average, need fifteen minutes to reach climax; if you finish before that, she will end up getting disappointed. She may go on another date with you in the near future, but if it keeps going on this way, she is sure to lose complete interest in sleeping with you. Then, not long after that, she will lose any feelings she might have had for you.

Several men simply can’t wait for sex with women and have no idea just how damaging that impatience can be. By getting rid of foreplay, she will feel used and alienated. Foreplay happens to be a time where women feel loved and is essential if you want a long-term relationship. Foreplay turns women on much more sex itself, and getting her to want to have sex with you will help greatly. By turning foreplay into something she will always look forward to, it is ensured that she will always want to have sex with you.

Thicker penis shafts results in better penetration around the vaginal opening, as well as the clitoris. Additionally, thicker penises can increase the chances of reaching her G-spot during climax, which happens to be the best type of orgasm any woman could possibly have.

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