An Easy Way to Make Your Woman Orgasm

By | November 6, 2017

Many may seem to think that it is not possible to make a woman climax within the first minute of sex. But I am here to tell you that it is very possible – and it’s also quite easy if you know the method! You will need to ‘prepare’ her for the lightning speed orgasm – and if you do things right then you will turn into a stud in the bedroom. Read on to discover the easy method to get her to climax quickly and achieve instant results fast…

“Make Her Yearn For You”. What many men do not know is that “pre-sex” is very important – and is often the key to make a woman orgasm within 60 seconds of sex. Make her anticipate the sex! Drop hints on the forthcoming sex session, and playfully tease her by telling her the things that you want to do to her later. This will make her lick her lips in anticipation.

“Oral Pleasures”. Never underestimate the power of the tongue! Go down on her, and make her orgasm using your lips alone! Her most sensitive areas are her clitoris and her G-spot – just focus on those areas and you will never go wrong.

“Turn It All Up… Emotionally”. If you want fireworks in the bedroom, then turn up the emotional factor. Do you know that “make up sex” is often the best? This is because the emotions are all fired up, and you release it powerfully during the sex. Get her emotionally charged by getting her feeling a little annoyed or frustrated – this might sound crazy but it works like gangbusters. Try it!

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