Learning to Dance – My Mum Was a Dance

By | November 6, 2017

She had her own dance class and also Instructed at the Major Dance Studio in Melbourne Australia. The city where I was born. She tried to teach me at an early age but I never progressed to a level of being noticed. I refused to follow her dancing talents and I continually rebuffed here efforts. Alas for my dance ability, for she died young seeing only the early days of my manhood.

It was many years later that I awkwardly graced the dance floor, and have done so ever since, perhaps without the awkwardness ( at least I would like to think so) I may one day place a video on this page for you to decide. I have one wish and that is for my mother to somehow know I am dancing as she wanted me too so long ago.

Dance and its appeal to our heart and soul is an echo of primal instincts. Many centuries have passed since man began his influence on this planet. As we developed our senses of sight and touch we started our journey forward and when we stimulated recognition of sound we found rhythmic dancing patterns were driven to our feet.

There are many dance styles with dance steps that appeal to all groups of people. It is easy to recognise the style that will suit you best simply by understanding the music you enjoy most. Try moving to the rhythm of the music and let your heart and soul guide you. Soon you will know the dance style of your choice.

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