Can Women Become Addicted to Semen Like a Drug?

By | November 7, 2017

Can women become addicted to semen, as if it were some form of drug? Surprisingly, scientific studies say, “yes.”

This might raise some eyebrows among feminists, but scientific results do show this to be the case. They are not sure exactly why (chemically), but women can become reliant on a man’s semen.

The semen must be introduced vaginally and not orally. Orally it doesn’t seem to have any affect, probably because the contents of the semen get broken down and denatured from the stomach acids. The affective-chemical component is rendered useless during this method of application.

What scientists have found, is that when a woman has vaginal sex with a man; and the man ejaculates inside of her, that the semen, if it is not washed out immediately, gets absorbed by the lining of the vagina and makes its way into the bloodstream. Once the semen has been absorbed, it has been found that it not only aids in relieving anxiety and depression in women, but also cuts down on the pain, discomfort, and cramps that occur with the pre-menstrual

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