How to Find a Girl With Smelly Feet

By | November 7, 2017

You have a girlfriend, a wife, or you know some woman and you want to smell her sweaty feet. This is a burning desire that you keep to yourself. She has no clue. You live each day wishing, wishing that this could be the day, the day you get to press her toes to your nose, her foot sole to your nose, and inhale her aromatic scent of foot sweat. The trouble is, each day is not the day, each day you do not sniff her feet, and each day your obsession to sniff her dirty feet grows more and more intense. I am going to tell you how to make your dream of foot worship come true.

As a sex therapist I can tell you one important fact: Almost everyone has a fetish! Digest that fact. I will tell you another fact: Most people keep their fetishes a secret. Now if you put two and two together, can you see a possible game plan emerge? What you need to do is simply tell your partner about your “needs”. Be completely honest and tell her everything.

At this point, generally speaking, the person who hears the confession almost always makes a confession of his or her own. Do this and not only will you end up with a woman who will let you worship and sniff her sweaty feet, but you will learn about the fetishes of your partner. Of course, you do not want to blurt out your confession to any women you fancy. You must ensure you are in a relationship.

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