Can Anyone Make a Living Selling DVDs and Video Games on eBay? Free Guide

By | November 7, 2017

Once you get up and running, selling DVDs and video games on eBay is a very easy way to make a living but it does take a lot of initial groundwork.. There is a lot to consider such as where do I get my cheap DVDs?, what is the best way to advertise DVDs on eBay? how should I post them and how do I keep track of my finances?

Selling DVDs on eBay is easy and does not require a lot of brain power but once your store is up and running your day to day work schedule will have to involve the following…

selling on eBay is time consuming and can easily take 8 hours a day. Customers on eBay do expect first class customer service and rapid response to enquiries so it is worthwhile investing in a Blackberry or PDA phone.. This allows you to send and receive emails on the go and was a lifeline for me as I preferred to work in the evenings and enjoy my days out with my kids.

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