3 Simple Ways to De-Stress Your Bride

By | November 7, 2017

Guys love food! Someone once said that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through is belly. So why not take this and make it yours. You can decide what cut of steak you’ll be having for dinner and not if you’ll be having steak. Now this is a great one to do. Call the reception venue and have them send over the choices for the meals they are offering. If you see stuff you like but it’s paired with stuff you’re not crazy

about, ask them if there is any “wiggle” room. You never know till you ask, so Never be afraid to ask. We had Caesar salad for one of our wedding appies, but I love tomatoes, cherry to be exact. So I had the chef drop a few cherry tomatoes onto the salads. See if you can mix and match items on the menu if that takes your fancy. And another great thing about this, Tasters! Most venues will offer a tasting to help you make up your mind. So what you can do is make a date of it. Get dressed up and take your bride to be to the tasting (just make sure you have confirmed a date and time with her so she’s available). The chef will usually let you pick a few appies, mains and deserts, and if you ask you can have wine paired with each course. So you have a nice dinner, some venues will do this for free, and you can take her out and not talk about the wedding…talk about the food!

After the bouquet has been tossed, the garter has been passed on, the last song has been played and all the partying is done. When the last drunken guest has stumbled back to their rooms, it is time for you to go up to the Honeymoon Suite. Most people forget all about the Honeymoon Suite. But why should you? With our higher end packages we include decor in the suite for you and your bride to enjoy. Rose petals, music, maybe some mood lighting etc. The trick is not to tell her about this. If you don’t

have a planner, get your best man to do this for you. She will melt. You can set up an iPhone on repeat to have her favorite song playing as you arrive into the room, (but you need to remember to take it off repeat) Include some fragrances, but not too strong…you don’t want her sneezing all night. And to take it a step further…why not make all the plans for the Honeymoon itself? Sure, get her opinion on what she wants to do. But you take care of the details. If you have a planner, they can help you with locations, flights and travel agents. So while it looks like you did allot of work, all you really need to do is call your planner with dates etc and they can make the arrangements.

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