Is All You Need… Or Is It?

By | November 8, 2017

This week I finally got round to watching “The Wedding Date” an enjoyable -if slight – romantic comedy.

The plot, for anyone not familiar with it, has reluctant singleton Debra Messing attending her step-sister’s wedding with a male “escort”, Dermot Mulroney, [who combines perfect eye-candy looks with gentlemanly charms and a comprehensive fee per service policy.

The Messing character needs to have Mulroney in tow because her ex, who inexplicably dumped her, is the best man.

The action is simple and predictable: girl meets boy, girl and boy connect at some profound yet unclear level, they fall into bed together, argue, break up and then end up back together, all smiles and tears while we the audience buy into the idea of them toddling off into the sunset of Happily Ever After.

This is indeed the stuff of “rom com” and romance, according to The Oxford English Reference dictionary, is about “an atmosphere or tendency characterized by a sense of remoteness from or idealization of everyday life”. Quite. Except that we don’t entirely suspend disbelief even when we are watching romantic comedies.

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